APR: Sensitive Power

APR. Still manufacturing lightweight yet incredibly strong fishing rods in the USA that delivers accurate, effortless casts, amazing sensitivity, and powerful hooksets.

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KBF Member Special

Like KBF, APR is involved in every aspect of kayak bass fishing—the fastest-growing segment of the sport fishing market. 

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Sell APR rods? Sure, that to start, but we’re building relationships, driving sales your way, and rewarding you for helping reestablish APR as a premiere brand that offers your customers true economy—a product line that adds value to your business.

APR User Comments

“I found it hard to belive a rod so light could take such a pounding, but bass up to 11.5 pounds, musky to 40 proved me wrong.”

Eric Ehrenriech

“How does anyone bend a rod tube? An airline figured out how, starting my week on Rainey Lake off on the wrong foot. APR had replacement rods in International Falls for me the next day.”

Julie Stone

“Nothing beats your Tennessee grip spinning rods for balance and all-day comfort. I can feel the lightest pickup through the full-carbon grip.”

Jason O'Kelly

“Glad to see APR back and better than ever. Dad turned me onto All Pro twenty years ago. I’ve not tried another rod that can touch them!”

Wayne Jeffries

U.S. Veteran-owned BusinessSince 1996, APR (All Pro Rods) has been building high-quality fishing rods for freshwater and inshore anglers.

American-made, veteran-owned.