"Outstanding balance, durability, and sensitivity backed by world-class service"

100% American-made, for 25 years All Pro Rods has taken pride in its workmanship.

Casting Rods

All Pro’s blue-collar, get ‘er done, workhorses are its casting rods that range from six to eight feet and from Medium to Extra-Extra-Heavy power. Experienced anglers count on these rods when precision casting with medium to heavy lure and lines and brute strength are what it takes to reach and extract fish from thick cover.

Spinning Rods

Selecting the right spinning rod enables you to cast farther and for longer periods of time without fatigue and soreness. It’s important that the rods you select are matched to your reels, technique, body build, the fishing environment, the lines you’re using, and the lures or bait you expect to cast.

Technique-Specific Rods

Swim baits and umbrella rigs for Lake Hartsville stripers. Carolina rigging the deep ledges for Kentucky Lake smalljaws. Swimming jigs through willowgrass patches where largemouth wait in ambush…. Different species and different presentations call for specialized tools, and All Pro Rods has created an array of rods that will suit just about every need.

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