Sensitive Power


A product’s value depends not only on what the user puts in, but what he gets out. Truly ecomical APR fishing rods deliver an extraordinary return on investment.


Combining creativity with cutting-edge materials and processes, APR’s designers are on the water every week, experiencing the issues, and developing effective solutions.


Excellent components, craftsmanship, and materials just set the stage; whether a rod is worth having boils down to one thing: does it deliver on its promist and potential

Customer Support

No matter how great our rods, if we fail to treat each customer with respect; offering timely, practical solutions for their issues, making sure that our users are satisifed with both APR products and processes.

The APR Story

Founded in the early 1990s by Rober Ray, who poured 20 years of fishing tackle manufacture and sales experience, plus some proprietary formulations, into producdtion of APR’s original fishing rods. Sidelined by health issues, the reins passed from McMinnville, though other hands, and finally to the current owners in Sumner County, Tennessee, who committed to maintaining the highest standards that have earned the loyalty of anglers across the mid-south, while introducing more features and services sure to please them even more.

What keeps APR anglers coming back?

  • Performance 96%
  • Warranties and Dependability 73%
  • Customer Service 58%
  • Economy 66%
Chad Hoover

Chad Hoover

President & Partner

After retiring from the US Navy, Chad was able to pursue full-time his vision for kayak fishing, tackle and watercraft innovation, and outdoor TV production. Terry Russel introduced Chad to APR sensitive power in 2014, and his interest quickly grew to a passion for the brand. Chad’s insistence on maintaining APR’s high design and production standards set by Roger Ray and Bill Merrick while upgrading the lines with the newest materials and component designs is turning out rod models that please him and will you, too.

Joe Haubenreich

Joe Haubenreich

VP Marketing & Partner

Haubenreich has been an APR angler since the Roger Ray days. He’s a champion for All Pro’s spinning rod Tennessee grips, which his Tennessee fishing family have preferred for three generations. He is primarily responsible for branding, graphics design, advertising and marketing, and he works closely with Chad on strategic planning.

Terry Russell

Terry Russell

Sales Director

Terry is responsible for building and supporting good relationsips with APR retailers and also plans All Pro Rods participation in trade shows and sponsored events. He manages APR’s Pro  Staff program. too. A Mid-TN native, he grew up fishing rivers, lakes, and highland rim reservoirs, and he’s been a solid supporter of the APR brand for years.

Kristie Hoover

Kristie Hoover

General Manager

Kristie oversees APR’s administration, billing, bookkeeping and invoicing, and is the primary contact for APR customers who need assistance with warranty or referral issues. She also oversees merchandising and order fulfillment.