The APX Graphite Professional Grade rods are ultra sensitive allowing the fisherman to FEEL the softest tap of a fish, turbulence created by lure action and structure contact.

Over four years of research and development went into the development of the APX Graphic Professional Grade rod series. It remains All Pro’s finest series of rods—the most sensitive on the market today! However, the single most important and overlooked feature in the APX Graphite Professional Grade rods is the weight. The APX rods are unbelievably light eliminating the fisherman fatigue factor.

Numerous engineering design features that give the APX Graphite Professional Grade rods their pronounced sensitivity.

  • Each rod starts as a 100% American-built, highly-refined, hybrid graphite blank, individually “spined” for that custom-built rod feel.
  • Rods are then expertly assembled by American rod craftsmen using:
    • Superior Titanium guides with a polished chrome finish for longer casting and extra smooth returns, also resists grooves and abrasion caused by heavy braids
    • American-made Gudebrod© thread wraps with back-filled guide tunnels; rated saltwater-tough!
    • Fuji© ECS Reel Seats with blank-thru-handle provides “touch sensitivity” to the exposed blank.
    • Butts and grips are constructed using the finest cork available, some with 100% graphite arbors (sensor rings™) set into the handle for the ultimate in sensitivity and functional good looks.
  • Equipped with a no-pull-out double foot hook hanger
  • Specialty designs include Float-N-Fly, Cranking, Flipping, Grub, Carolina, Trout, TN Handle Smallmouth