Swim baits and umbrella rigs for Lake Hartsville stripers. Carolina rigging the deep ledges for Kentucky Lake smalljaws. Swimming jigs through willowgrass patches where largemouth wait in ambush…. Different species and different presentations call for specialized tools, and All Pro Rods has created an array of rods that will suit just about every need.

At right, APR President Bill Merrick introduces All Pro’s APX 7-foot, 6-inch heavy-power, fast-action Carolina Rig casting rod.

Carolina Rigging is an effective search technique, and rods used with C-rigs must be long enough to sling baits a great distances and take up a lot of line on sweeping hook-sets. APR’s 7’6″ APX Carolina Rig rods are just about perfect in that category.

Carolina rigs are relatively difficult to cast accurately. A fast-action rod isn’t a drawback where casting accuracy is not as critical as distance. On the plus side, the responsive tip of All Pro’s fast-action C-Rig rod enables an angler to detect subtle pickups. The guides should be perfectly aligned with the rod’s spine, and all the components should handle superbraids with ease. All Pro Rod’s Carolina Rig rod does all that.

Carolina-rig specialists prefer heavy-power rods with plenty of backbone to drive single-hook baits into a fish’s jaw, even with thirty yards of fluorocarbon or monofilament line out. APR’s Carolina Rig rod’s heavy power and extra length come in handy there, too.